Medical Alarm

Medical Alarm

Some people tried to build their household after married with living in their own house. But for some reasons, another people decided to living with their parents or grandparents. But sometimes, you can’t watch all their activities. In some case, especially when you get to work you don’t know what’s happen with your parents or grandparents in home.

BrickHouse Alert offers you Personal Emergency Response Systems called Medical Alarm. This device will help you to monitoring your parents or grandparent in case of emergency. There are 2 kinds of Medical Alarm for your needs, BrickHouse Tele-Asist and BrickHouse Mobile GPS. You can use BrickHouse Tele-Asist to monitoring your parent or grandparents when they were in home while you working. This device has a Fall Alert detector that will alerts to personal number in case they have fallen or if they can’t even push a button.

The another product is GPS tracking Bracelet that you can use when you are in vacation for an example. It has 2 way speakerphone and GPS location aware that can track the person who wear it. How does this work? Medical Alarm will always connected to monitor in case of emergency. If you combined these consoles you will get the best protection. If the panic button has been pushed or if the fall alert has been detected fallen, the device will immediately connect to emergency services to your home, calling of your speed dial emergency contact or the operator will talk to trough the problem.

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