Subhanallah..what a great building structure!

That was my first impression when i took my first step to the Samarinda Islamic Center, the biggest mosque in East Borneo.

It's a new mosque in this city and become a largest mosque ever built. I have never seen before the building like this in my origin town.

Physically, there are 7 towers. 4 in each corner, 2 in the center entrance gate and 1 in the front of mosque as a main and tallest tower. I'm not sure how tall its tower, but i'm sure i felt a srunk man stand up below the main tower.

The main tower has a room up there like a observation room, it reminds me of 2nd floor of Tokyo Tower.he..

Thousands people could pray inside of it. There is 2 floor in the main bulding. In the first floor i think it's looks like a basement. It maybe caused of the lights can not be operate yet. I saw there are some finishing job under progress.

Overall it's a great building and beside, there are some good corner to take a background picture. Repeatition objects or low angle that u can use to enrich your picture.
Dasar…seneng foto, apa aja mo dijepret.he……


  1. nice ...but why u didn't show full pic of the mosque

  2. @kang adhie : i'll try to review this mosque someday..


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