Today, the requirement of internet access was
increasingly high. This was seen with increasingly the number of places of the
public area that offered free hotspot. Moreover, several solutions to the
network of the internet have been increasing. Internet access via GPRS, Speedy
‘till Indonesian cellular providers provide Wifone , M2 and Telkomsel Flash. Of
course, the consumers find the best for their expends beside friendly

According to this matter, Sixnet tried
to give the solution with provides new internet connection system called
RT/RW-Net. This system has been introduced in Indonesia
several years ago. However, the Sixnet side claimed that this system has the
first time in Samarinda. A new breakthrough in the field of internet access in
capital of East Kalimantan.

With the price that was cheap enough - around Rp.
8.000 a day, - you could enjoy internet access in your house for 24 hours
non-stopped as long as you want without worried about its quota because Sixnet
gives unlimited quota for their RT/RW-Net. The coverage area of Sixnet’s
RT/RW-Net could reach out as far as the radius of 6 Km.

For information about packages that were offered
you can read here. Or,
please come to Warnet Six Net for further information.

(Sorry, this is not a paid review article! Untuk versi Bahasa
lihat di sini)


  1. aduh sayang banget ada di lain kota :(

  2. AnonymousJuly 29, 2008

    ini reviewan dari mana prie....

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2008

    Waduh pake boso londo :-)
    Di sini juga ada lho Prie yg unlimited 100rb per bulan, cuma waktu pasang mesti bayar antene 400 rb (kalau mau yg lebih bagus antene nya 600 rb-800rb). Aku bingung mo pasang or nerusin supidi yg ini, soalnya ada kemungkinan mo pindah rumah dalam waktu dekat.

  4. @tony:
    mang blom ada ya di sana?

    dari mana?
    ya dari aprie!!
    punya temen aja ko..

    ketauan nih ga baca sampe abis..
    kan ada versi Bahasa.
    sengaja dibikin dwi-bahasa.

    wah murah tuh mba 100ribu di batam..
    pi koneksi lemot ga?

  5. weleh.. seruuuuuuuu!!!! jadi pengen juga!!! iks

  6. ha? ada ya? haha.. saya sii masih terus bergandengan dengan spidi.. hihi

  7. di Kampoengnet53.blogspot.com cuma 50rb/bulan !!!


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