Wish i were there...

Wish i were there...

I don’t have an idea why I feel the time is running so fast. Going to work in early morning, do all my tasks then I realized my working time has running out. I don’t know why, just because so many tasks must to do or the working time is one hour shorter in this fasting month.

Last day I heard my beloved girl was lay down in the hospital caused by her trombosite got lower and she has been suspected to suffer dengue. Honestly, i'm worried about her, the thing makes me worry is she has alone there. She’s far away from her family, just friends and her room-mate(s) be a nearest family. I hope she’s going well soon. Wish I were there…….

Newspaper article :

DBD, Intinya Mengganti Cairan Tubuh Bukan Trombosit

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  1. semoga cepet sembuh ya, hari ini dia merindukanmu. trombosit nya ga naik2. bosen ngliat jus jambu, jambu dan kurma. seandainya...


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