Time to work (again)

Time to work (again)

Lebaran holiday has passed away and now its time to get to work again. Some people they're getting to work in next Monday in case they're have an added holiday time, but for me i'm start working at last Wednesday on this week.

Some people said they're hate Monday, and i believe they're gonna say it again in next Monday. Hahaha...it's common thing for some worker, but show must go on..isn’t it?

Honestly, i have a postponed task for this month, but i feel inconvenience to do that task right now. After holiday, usually we need a worming up to start all our tasks...

Meanwhile, once upon time ago...i found a special moment to refresh my mind. It's all about my hobby.. Look at the picture below...

It's an off sale time...It's what i'm talking about.
There are a lot of books and computers magazines such as Chip and Computer Easy that sold from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 10,000.

That was not a brand new edition, but that was a couple month 'till one year ago edition. That's not bad and i think it cheap enough to enrich our knowledge. The special product i hunted for is Foto-Video Magazine, coz there are alot information about Digital Photography and Video.

The articles for product review might be out of date, but for all tips, tricks and tutorials it absolutely usefull today.


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